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Enhancing care and empowering epilepsy patients and their families worldwide with the finest epilepsy detection device.

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A revolution in epilepsy Monitoring

What is Epilert’s epilepsy bracelet ?

Epilert is a waterproof wearable device that detects and monitors epilepsy seizures using biometry and machine learning (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit). It is a smart wrist bracelet connected to a mobile application via bluetooth.

What happens during a seizure ?

When a seizure is detected, an alert is immediately sent to caregivers with the patient’s localization. All seizures records are saved and sent to a chosen physician in charge of the patient. The collected data will be saved on EPIDOC, a dashboard made especially for doctors to help them monitor their patients’ seizures records and understand their daily habits for a customized medical care.

How is it used on a daily basis ?

Epilert contains a monitoring system that enables epileptic patients, their caregivers and doctors to monitor patients’ vital signs, daily lifestyle, medication taking and seizures through dedicated mobile apps.

Patient’s daily assistance

Patient’s daily assistance

The device tracks vital signs (heartbeat, temperature…), medication taking, seizures occurrence and dietary planning.

Mobile applications related

Neuronal activity tracking

5 biosensors: heartbeat, skin temperature, motion, electrodermal activity coupled with
Machine learning and AI.

Neuronal activity tracking

Connected mobile applications

A mobile application for every use-case: patients, caregivers and doctors. Made for most of phones using Android or iOS.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Connection

Data is transmitted from the bracelet to the mobile apps via Bluetooth connection.

Instant alert and geolocation system

Instant alert and geolocation system

Instant alert sent to caregivers by SMS and by an automatic phone call in case of seizure with patient’s geolocation system triggered.

Mobile applications related


Certified IP67, the device can be dropped into water up to a meter deep for a half an hour.

Adjustable fit wrist bra

Adjustable wrist bracelet

Adjustable belt +/- 40mm to fit all sizes.

Bluetooth Connection

Long-lasting battery

Fast-charging battery that lasts up to 48h.

A special app for every use-case


For patients

The mobile application is connected to the bracelet via Bluetooth and provides a 24/7 data feed. It enables patients to become actively engaged in the management of their condition and helps them monitor their seizures by having a clear overview of their daily habits including their sleeping schedule, medication intake, and diet.


For caregivers

Epilert’s system will notify caregivers by SMS and a phone call with the exact location when a seizure is detected. In addition to that, Epilert’s caregiver mobile app provides a real-time update about the patient’s condition. This has a positive influence on family members as it will help them cope better with their situation, further optimize their caregiver role and effectively deal with one of the unique characteristics of epilepsy, its unpredictability.

For doctors

Epidoc is a special dashboard for medical doctors enabling them to visualize all data related to their patients. Data like frequency and duration of seizures, biosignals data, and other statistics collected through the bracelet are essential to establish the right diagnosis and provide an adapted treatment.

Any wristband size and color you like!

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Celebrities on Epilepsy

I have epilepsy and I didn’t let it stop me from achieving my dreams

Camilla Coelho

Digital influencer

Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.

Theodore Roosevelt

26th President, USA

Because of my seizures, I was forced to spend a lot of time in bed in my room away from the television when I was a kid… The best way to entertain myself was to read, so I became very interested in history books

Rick Harrison

Reality Television Personality

There’s no reason why a person with epilepsy can’t play sports or pursue their dreams.

Chanda Gunn

Ice Hocky Player

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Frequently asked questions:

Who is Epilert for?

Epilert is for both adults and children over the age of 6. It detects tonic-clonic seizures and is centered on improving the lives of those who are living with epilepsy. 

what types of seizures is Epilert designed to detect?

Epilert Bracelet is made to detect motor seizures that can be focal or generalized and could be tonic-clonic or from another motor type.

What other devices do I need for Epilert to work?

The person wearing Epilert needs a compatible mobile device with Bluetooth and a stable internet connection and the Patient App.

How can I buy Epilert?

Epilert is available worldwide and can only be purchased online.

Can Epilert predict seizures?

Epilert cannot predict or prevent seizures.

Our technology is designed to detect patterns that could be associated only with motor seizures for now. However, we are gathering EDA data to try building behavioral and emotional profiles relative to non-motor seizures that will help scientists better understand these types in the future.

where is epilert functional?

Epilert works globally and is shipped worldwide. Pre-order now and get a special discount.

If you are still curious and have more questions concerning the Epilert bracelet. Do not hesitate to reach out!