The Seizure companion journal that will never let you down

Keeper APP

One of the Epilert’ s features and main functionality is the KeeperApp which is carefully created to be your daily mate that enables the elliptic patients to Keep track of their seizures during the day and learn more and minute-to-minute about the physiological activity to be further analyzed by real specialized doctors.

Important: KeeperApp feature works in harmony with NotifyApp to guarantee the effectiveness of Epilert.

The Seizure companion journal that will never let you down

How you will make the best of the KeeperApp feature

Long-lasting Sleep Survey

Gain insight to your sleep cycles and rest periods with the automatic tracking advanced latest technology. Epilert offers the ability to visualize all the toss and turns, issues about your tranquility with a deeper scientific feedback.

Physical Activity Info

Get the full picture by Visualizing the distance, duration and intensity of your physical activity. KeeperApp assets you to record your steps using the pedometer feature and it offers you a wealth of data and analysis about your activity history.

Seizure Details

KeeperApp keeps you updated with relevant notes about the type, intensity, occurrence and detailed history of your seizures which is crucial to put your finger on the triggers and stimulation of these seizures.

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