Epilert uses advanced sensors along with Machine learning to detect epilepsy seizures, send alerts to caregivers, monitor sleep and physical activities .

Epilert‘s solution puts in your hand the finest advanced technologies such as Machine learning and geolocation to bring you a perfect designed hand band that facilitates the usage in various living and health care settings related to the Epilepsy disorder. It is all being taking care of: from tracking, analyzing and monitoring the seizures to the customized instant alerts sent to your caregivers’ circle.

Seizure Detection

Instant Alerts

Sleep and Activity tracker

Geolocation System

Waterproof Case

Caregivers Network

Epilert is designed specially for you to be an effective, easy-to-use and instant monitoring and alerting system that makes life much easier for Elliptic patients.

Mob App

Track your seizure history and activities

The mobile app notifies caregivers by sms and phone call when the wristband detects seizures.

Keeper App

Your Personal
seizures journal

Mate App allows you to document automatically daily health variables about your epilepsy such as seizures, patterns, sleep and activities. Generating professional medical approved report and analysis.

65 million people live with epilepsy worldwide

Nearly 1% of the Tunisian population has epilepsy, which affects children and adolescents in particular, and can occur at any age. We celebrate the 9th of February as an international day for Epilepsy disorder cause .

The Seizure Detection and alert system main features

Seizure Detection

Epilert collects data via it’s sensors in real-time-data using AI & Machine learning technologies, in order to detect Epilepsy seizures .

Alert Dispatching

The Alert app is connected to the wristband via Bluetooth. where it will notify the users and caregiver with any convulsive seizure.  It will send notification ( SMS and Phone call) to your caregivers using the Smartphone.


Epidoc is the platform used by the doctor to analyze the seizures by doctors in order to update the health status and medicines .
Epilert shares realtime data to Epidoc to allow the doctors follow you.

Our Talent Team

Our team of experts have designed Epilert to be the perfect mate along the day and keeps records of your seizures.

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